Sunday, 30 October 2011

Summer and Autumn catch up

It's been a challenging year and below you can see the GAG mob were on fine form .

First up Elaine's  Australian Challenge
Judging by the Unsworth family based on accuracy to original image a novel approach that caused some disagreement between the judges that was resolves by Unsworth senior in the time honoured manner of pulling rank. The splendid Aussie prizes did include the ubiquitous boomerang.

Next the St Ives Challenge
Set by Janet and judged by her husband Ray ( a fellow artist ) 
Ray said 

I found it an almost impossible task to pick prize winners.  I decided therefore to determine a number of criteria to use.

Firstly, the drawings or paintings should be done well; that is using the materials appropriately and artistically.

Secondly, they should catch the character of the subject as expressed in the photos,

Finally, and somewhat subjectively, they should be attractive and catch the eye of the judge.

In the light of the criteria, I chose as third prize the painting of the door.  I thought this captured the character of a somewhat dilapidated and weathered door of presumably an old fisherman's cottage.

Second prize is the painting of the cliffs with a mixture of dark and light tones catching the effect of sunlight.

First prize goes to the painting of the harbour.  This is a somewhat obvious but very strong composition.  The pale colours produce a sunny effect and the painting creates the feel of the high harbour wall with the tide out.  The sand at low tide is well painted and a great effect is produced by the reflections in the puddle of water in the foreground.

 First Allan
 Second Jenny

 Third Lyndal

And finally the Thames Bridges Challenge
Inspired by an 8 mile walk along the Thames organised by Graham and his wife Carol  (Thames Bridges Challenge pictures are courtesy of Colin Unwin one of the merry band of walkers )
Judged by Paul Alcock  (One of our regular tutors)
 First Peter

 Second Peter

Third Barbara 

There is one more challenge running and I am reliable informed there are other to come soon including the Yorkshire Dales  

Link to galleries

The Australian  Challenge Originals

The St Ives Challenge Originals

The Thames Bridges Challenge Originals

The 2011 China Challenge all about the people entry's can be in any medium and need to be in by the13th January 2012 

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