Friday, 16 October 2009

And some did go to Heybridge Plus Catch up

Heybridge 11th September

October 2nd

9th October

Winner of the China challenge

Please find below the judges deliberations translated by Sally


LI JIALI ( AKA Sally Leo)


Mr Li ( Sally's Dad ) Master Wu ( Sally's son ) alas no picture of her younger brother

Dear mate,
I got some rough judge from my dad and younger brother--
The best (looks most comfortable sight, with good arrangement for the scale of picture): PICT0105

1st Jenny Roe

2nd:PICT0112. with good hiberarchy and sufficient colours.

Gerry to Sally

Can you clarify one word please " hiberarchy " as I can't find it in dictionary

Sally to Gerry

Dear mate,
I found that word in the dictionary.
eg.: Line hangings make the space hiberarchy.The designer use black mirror as the ceiling, which makes the space higher.
I want to say it gets many layers of sights.. It should be a very old word that Englishman don't use it, only me.


2nd Tony Lillot

3rd: DSCF5337a and PICT0113, the oil painting gets good far-sight look, but the closer sight was dealt not very carefully;


the watercolor one with good color arrangement to get prominent flowers, however the green color is not adjusted to the best look.


Joint 3rd Barbara Gough and Silvia Rawlings
The sketch PICT0094 is nice in body scale,


4th Linda Whiting

PICT0097 gets no bamboo's feature but good layers.


5th Linda Whiting
PICT0100 is too hard, like a first thought. no details..

6th Linda Whiting

PICT0101 gets sufficient colors and strong comparation, a joyful drawing.

6th Allan Vann

PICT0106 gets no point, but very ideal living place! ...


Special mention Joan Scrivener
There you can see our "professional" comments. :D:D:D
Best regards,

Congratulations to the winners prizes will be awarded Friday 16th October.

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