Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Last of the summer blog

Summers over did it ever arrive?
All the trips to the great out doors are over.

So it's back to St John's hall and our first tutor
James Merriott
Friday the 21st September.

Here are some pictures to remind all who came of our trips to Maldon and Heybridge how good it was

Will Maureen and Lyndal ever persuade Tim to pick up the 6B pencil?

Will Jenny and Elaine find the three eyed frog from Bradwell?

Maureen uses the invisible telescope to look for the three eyed frog

Tony denies treading on the three eyed frog

He looks smug so I guess he did it!

Silvia defiantly drawing the three eyed frog

We all know it's vodka in the bottle!

Elaine and Jenny drawing more pictures of the three eyed frog

Head down avoid talking to the drunks

( one of the dangers of painting in the wild )

Glenda drawing a fallen drunk

Danger youngster at work!

Ted having been told off for chewing a drunks leg

Tim wonders if he can pinch Maureens 6B pencil while she’s not looking

Youngsters hard at work

Youngsters still hard at work

One more picture and I’ll bite your leg as well

I am sure we will spot the three eyed frog today

So industrious

Tim finally spots the three eyed frog

Thats all folks

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